Blue zircon theory tells that: YELLOW DID IT SO SHUT UP YELLOW I WILL KILL YOU

Blue zircon theory lyrics:

I get it. There's a reason they want you to explain how you did it. (takes out another screen)


It's because it doesn't make sense!

Rose Quartz is flawed, I grant you. A shallow strata-gem who turned against her own kind out of a misguided attachment to a planet and creatures like these.(warps Lars in)

(muffled) What?! Huh?!

It's indisputable that as the Diamond overseeing Earth, Pink was Rose Quartz's enemy. Rose had everything to gain by shattering her. But even though she may have wanted to shatter Pink Diamond, could she? Blue Diamond, for the purpose of this argument, may I present your palanquin?

Is this necessary?

Isn't it? (waves her hand and the palanquin appears) Please, proceed.

Now, as the records show (walks to the steps of the palanquin) Pink Diamond was shattered just outside a palanquin much like this. Witnesses say Pink had just stepped out and had only taken a few steps forward when Rose attacked her from the front!

Oh!(turns away)

But the question no one seems to be asking is, "how?"

I've been asking that question.

A-a-a-and right you are to ask, My Diamond! B-because at that time that Pink was shattered, Rose Quartz had been a recognized threat for several hundred years. There were no Rose Quartz soldiers in her entourage and none in her guard. So how did a Rose Quartz, with no business being anywhere near Pink Diamond, get so close in the first place? Where were Pink Diamond's attendants? Her Agates, Her Sapphires? And where was her Pearl? (Yellow and Blue Pearl pause at the shock)

(slams fists down) They were with her, of course, they saw the whole thing!

But none of them saw Rose Quartz approach? Wouldn't her Sapphires have seen Rose Quartz coming? Wouldn't her Agates have tried to fight her off?

That is strange!

Blue Diamond in shock, looks at an angered Yellow Diamond.

She must have slipped past them!

Even if she did, wouldn't her Pearl have cried out an alarm, "Watch out, My Diamond!" No, whoever did this was already close to Pink Diamond. Someone her guards would allow to get near her, someone she would listen to when asked to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the authority to cover it up afterwards! Someone with supreme authority... (pauses) Someone... like one of you! (points to both of them)

Blue Diamond gasps loudly and Yellow Diamond gets up.

(backs up, afraid) Uh, disregard that last statement! I might have got carried away!

Yellow Diamond crushes the Zircon with a finger, poofing her.

Case closed, right My Diamond?

Yellow Diamond turns angrily and generates an electric current, striking the Zircon and she shouts out, poofing.

(gets up) Yellow, stop it! Why are you doing this?

Steven runs over to Lars as they argue.

This is our chance! (pops the air bubble) We got to go!


We don't need to listen to this nonsense!

(pointing to the palanquin) There! (they run inside and try to turn it on)

Let's shatter Rose Quartz and be done with it!

Can't you restrain yourself?!

But this is pointless!

No, it's not!

Hurry up and drive this thing! Those giant crazy chicks aren't going to be distracted forever!

Steven presses a button and the palanquin begins moving and it jumps up, out of the building. They begin flying up in the air. Steven opens his eyes, seeing a shot of Homeworld.

Where is this?


The door of the building opens and Yellow Diamond stands as the palanquin falls.

You think you can get away, Rose? You stood your ground on that little speck called Earth...But you're on our world now.

The theory ends.

Theory of blue zircon03:42

Theory of blue zircon.

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