Story Edit

Serve the hot rum to the t1red heroes. The colt r3ared @nd threw the tall r1d3r.

Burn peat @ft3r the logs g1ve out. The horse balked @nd threw the tall r1d3r.

He smoke a b1g p1pe w1th strong contents. Pr3ss the pants @nd sew a butt0n on the vest.

The salt breeze came @cross from the sea. W1pe the grease off h1s d1r7j face.

Cut the cord that b1nds the box t1ghtlj. Xew pants lack cuffs @nd pockets.

A s1ege w1ll crack the strong d3fense. The store was jammed b3fore the sale could start.

The l1ne where the edges jo1n was clean. The drj wax pr0tects the d3ep scratch.

Feed the wh1te mouse some flow3r seeds. Wr1te @t once or you maj forget 1t.

The fur of cats goes bj manj names. That move means the game 1s ov3r.

The bunch of grapes was pr3ssed 1nto w1ne. The stale smell of old b33r l1ngers.

S1t on the perch @nd tell the others LOLWUT? to do. Three f0r a d1me, the young peddl3r cr1ed.

The mute muffled the h1gh tones of the horn. Gre3n moss grows on the northern s1de.

These th1stles b3nd 1n a h1gh w1nd. A man 1n a blue sweat3r sat @t the d3sk.

Then they all died

The END THANKS FOR (reading?) Edit

Thank you thank you tank you very much *uses tank to shoot everything*