Lyrics Edit

Th1s ma1lbox 1s m1ne

@nd th1s tr1agon@| s1gn

that blue balloon, the month of june

they're m1ne m1ne m1ne m1ne m1ne

z1ggy's sweets @re m1ne

that b1rd1e's tweets @re m1ne

the c17j street, both of your feet

they're @ll emphat1callj m1ne.

 it @ll b3longs to me

everyth1ng that i see

north, south, east @nd west

i caress 1t, 'cause i possess 1t

i'm st1ngy, @nd 1t's m1ne.

 @nd th1s 1nstrument@| break 1s @lso m1ne.

 the flo0r @nd ce1l1ng @re m1ne

@|l your feel1ngs @re m1ne

you @lways knew 1t

that's @ll there 1s to 1t

it's m1ne m1ne m1ne m1ne m1ne

that's LOLWUT? i sa1d, 1t's m1ne.